Welcome to the Counselor's Corner


Counselor Gary

Tyra Gary:  
6th Grade Counselor

Crystal Freeman:  Lead Counselor 

Gwendolyn Jones: 8th Grade Counselor and GT Coordinator

Karen Lucario: 7th Grade Counselor and LPAC Coordinator

Our Role

•  Guidance: Including how to defuse bullying, advocating for students with special needs, and supporting families in crisis
•  Small Group Counseling
•  Individual Counseling: Issues that a school counselor might address with students include 
            •  peer relations
            •  school performance 
            •  anxiety 
            •  family change 
            •  grief 
            •  self-esteem issues 
            •  anger management 
            •  conflict resolution 
            •  new students 
            •  middle school transition 
            •  create schedules
            •  academic performance
   Individual counseling is a service offered to all students.  
   Students may be referred for counseling by a parent, a teacher, or themselves.  
   Counseling can be ongoing or short-term based on the problem/situation. 

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