2012-2013 Teacher of the Year


- Christine Falzon - 

Teacher of the Year


    My teaching philosophy is predicated on a very simple idea of opportunity. To sit here and say that I strictly decided to become a teacher for my love of children would be by no means false, but it would be hard pressed to find a teacher who did not share in that passion. I was fortunate to be raised in a stable household by two loving parents who knew the meaning of teaching through opportunities. After all, life is based on the opportunities you take and those that you pass up. It has been a passion of mine to provide my students with opportunities that were made available to me throughout my childhood. Opportunities to try a new sport, to study when no one is watching, to be trusted, to enjoy coming to school each day name just a few, but the real challenge lies in opportunities that students never see coming. The opportunities to admit guilt without prompting, to hold oneself accountable for their actions, to raise their own bar of expectation, to make a commitment and stick to it, to bite their tongue when they feel disrespected, and most importantly to fail and not throw in the towel. Society has enabled many of our students to get by without experiencing those tough opportunities that really indicate to us what type of character we are made of. These lessons are difficult to explain and even more challenging to learn but will not only prepare students for high school but life after as well.

    Through the history content I teach, I am able to become a storyteller of opportunity. My students connect with historical figures and the hardships they faced to create a better today for all of us. They hear of the millions of lives sacrificed for our freedom and the countless people who fought for change that they so desperately believed in. It is crucial in our fast paced society that our youth decide what legacy they will leave behind on this world and be provided with the opportunities to grow and learn to get there.