2010-2011 Teacher of the Year


- Martha “Janie” Rodriguez - 

TAHPERD Teacher of the Year


My philosophy of Physical Education has truly evolved over the thirty-four years that I have been teaching Middle School.

My lifetime passion for sports (fueled by growing up with six brothers and not sisters), led me to this career. I began in the era of: how high is the net? how many lay-ups can you do in 30 seconds?” This information was vital to passing the “gym” class. All students were created equal and they all had to meet the same standards to pass the class.

Then came the era of “Wellness”. I truly found my philosophy of physical education. Students were now learning necessary lifetime skills and activities. I truly believe that my job is to teach them how to get healthy, be healthy, and stay healthy. I want to give them skills that last way beyond my gym doors. My plan is to introduce them to new and fulfilling activities that they can then introduce them to their families and their future families.

You could say my philosophy is to prepare for the future because as it says on my bulletin board: “Physical fitness: Your Body….Your future!!!”.