2008-2009 Teacher of the Year


- Michael Lesher -

Teacher of the Year


My Teaching Philosophy Statement

I believe that education is what molds and scaffolds our future. Through formal training and influence from family and friends, I have been instilled with guiding principals that I feel help me as an educator. I have learned in order to be an effective teacher you must be a life-long learner. I encourage respect for individuals and believe it is the key to building rapport with students, colleagues, and administrators. I believe that the equality of education is not delivering the same instruction to every student but rather meeting the needs of each individual. Through these guiding principles I have built my philosophy and have become the teacher I am today.

   I believe as an art educator I am teaching academics, creativity, and technique; as well as, fostering social and emotional skills for developing a healthy mature person. I believe in the power of unconventional teaching methods that allow students hands on experience. I think that the arts and extracurricular activities provide students the creative, social, and emotional outlet they need.

   I feel that schools are change agents within a community. We need to instill values of respect and responsibility within our youth in order for change to occur. I believe that teachers are able to encourage these behaviors through the rapport they develop with their students. Education should produce self motivated life-long learners. Education is the key to the future and the development of our society.