Hambrick Veterans

Hambrick Veterans
Posted on 11/11/2015


Hambrick veterans (pictured l to r) Natonya Holmes, Godwin Patterson and Kimberly Raney 
were recognized by the staff during this year’s Veterans Day festivities.

Hambrick Middle School took some time this week to honor the staff members who are former and current members of our country’s military.  In honor of Veteran’s Day each of Hambrick’s veterans was gifted with a special display at their classroom door.  In addition, the school was decorated with ribbons and words of thanks to all who have served our country. 

To Those Who Have Served . . . Hambrick Honors You!

Natonya Holmes - U.S. Airforce

Johnny Morse - U.S. Army

Godwin Patterson - U.S. Army

Kimberly Raney - U.S. Army  

Lester Morrow - U.S. Marines

James Hoskins - U.S. Marines

Gilbert Zamora - U.S. Navy