HMS Technology Student Association Scores Big at Tech Rally

HMS Technology Student Association Scores Big at Tech Rally
Posted on 02/10/2017
TSA members show off their winning projectsHMS TSA

Hambrick’s TSA members show off their winning projects at the Aldine Technology Student Association Tech Rally.  The students designed and created their projects and competed against other middle school students in the district.


Hambrick students participated in the Technology Student Association Annual Tech Rally on Saturday, February 4 at M.O. Campbell. The Technology Student Association Tech Rally is an event that allows students to showcase their projects and compete against other middle schools in Aldine. The students had the opportunity to compete in four different events: Dragster (race car), Glider (wooden airplanes), Structure (wooden bridges), and Bottle Rockets. Hambrick was able to get first place and dominated the competition in all four events. Trevon O'Connor, Arthur Galvan, and William Torres received 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place honors respectively in the Glider competition. Arthur Galvan received first place in the bottle rocket competition. William Torres and Samuel Puente received 1st and 2nd place honors respectively in the Structure competition. Samuel Puente, Arthur Galvan, and Steven Olivares received 1st, 2nd, 4th place respectively in the Dragster competition. Alejandro Manriquez, Diamond Johnson and Cielo Ramos did a great job as they participated in all four events.


This event boosted the students’ confidence in their work and allowed them to see that hard work does pay off. In addition, this event made them want to try even harder on future projects because they see that they are capable of reaching heights that they have never experienced before. “It is good to see that the kids are able to realize that they can be great at something in life,” shared Paul Orieukwu, the TSA sponsor for Hambrick.  He also said that he is “proud to say that Hambrick had at least one student to place first in all four middle school competitions and showed the competition that they needed to look out for those HAWKS in the future.”


Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the Tech Rally including 8th graders Trevon O’Connor, Steven Olivares, William Torres, Cielo Ramos and 7th graders Samuel Puente, Arthur Galvan, Alejandro Manriquez, Diamond Johnson.


Tech Rally Competition Results for Hambrick

Dragster (Race Car)

1st Place – Samuel Puente

3rd Place – Arthur Galvan

4th place – Steven Olivares

6th Place – Trevon O’Connor

10th Place – Alejandro Manriquez

Gliders (Wooden Airplanes)

1st Place – Trevon O’Connor

2nd Place – Arthur Galvan

2nd Place – William Torres

Structure (Wooden Bridge)

1st Place – William Torres

2nd Place – Samuel Puente

Bottle Rocket

1st Place – Arthur Galvan