HMS Rewards Student Attendance

HMS Rewards Student Attendance
Posted on 01/10/2018
Attendance Award Recipient


Dr. Rebecca Sanford (left) is pictured with Xavier Reyna (right), one of the many winners of the Christmas tree and decorations during Hambrick’s Attendance Incentive for the month of December.

December was a great month for the students at Hambrick Middle School. Administrators implemented an attendance incentive that gave every student the opportunity to win prizes for themselves and some that their whole family could enjoy during the holiday season.  Each Monday students were able to put their names into a raffle which was held on Friday.  The student whose name was pulled received a 5 foot tall, pre-lit Christmas tree along with decorations.  The trees were donated by Valencia Dotson, of ‘Tis the Season with a Special Kind of Reason, Inc.  In addition to the Christmas trees, during each of the lunches 4 other students’ names were pulled for smaller daily prizes.  Some of the exciting daily prizes given away included coupons to Luby’s, Chick-Fil-A, and other local eateries along with a variety of additional goodies.  And just before the district’s winter break, two students received the grand prize of a 6 ½ foot Christmas tree along with decorations. The students were excited and looked forward to the daily drawings. In order to claim their prizes the students had to be in attendance on the day of the drawing.  The students were ecstatic to receive these prizes and some were especially grateful because their families are still in the midst of recovery efforts from Hurricane Harvey. 

The entire team at Hambrick Middle School would like to send a big “Thank You” to Mrs. Dotson.  For the past few years she has been a great sponsor and guardian to the students at Hambrick.  She has sponsored an essay competition for both Thanksgiving and Christmas where the winning students received a turkey and other items.  She also secured funds so that 100 of our students could go on a Christmas Shopping Spree at a local Target.  Her commitment to our school and students is truly invaluable! 

Bolstered by the success of this program during the month of December, to promote student attendance, and to give back to the students Hambrick Middle School will continue this initiative through the month of January.