HMS Recognizes Community Member

HMS Recognizes Community Member
Posted on 04/25/2018

Dr. Rebecca Sanford (l) presents Valencia Dotson (r) with a gift of appreciation for her work with the students at Hambrick Middle School.  Dotson sponsors an essay contest during the holiday season in addition to various other endeavors in service to the students and faculty at Hambrick.

Dedicating your life to service for others is a sacrifice that we see many times over in today’s world.  There are educators, medical professionals, and of course the men and women who service in the armed forces just to name a few.  When discussions about service related fields arise, these professions tend to come up frequently.  However there are many individuals who oftentimes go unnoticed and who very rarely are mentioned in these conversations.  Principal, Dr. Rebecca Sanford decided that she wanted to acknowledge the sacrifice and service of one such individual who has worked diligently for the students, and even the staff, at Hambrick Middle School.  Valencia Dotson, a two-time published author, is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who has adopted Hambrick as a part of her extended family.  

Ms. Dotson is the founder and CEO of Ve Ce Dottie, LLC specializing in the creation of bio-based, toxin free lotions and gifts, appreciation/recognition awards.  In addition, she created the Tis the Season with a Special Kind of Reason, Inc. non-profit organization which seeks to embrace the power of positive thinking, living, and support systems, with a strong emphasis on education, self-love, self-advancement, and self-respect.  Although this non-profit organization focuses its efforts in economically disadvantaged areas, Dotson is always willing to lend her assistance to any cause or need that may arise to help members of any community.  Working with and through her non-profit over the past few years Dotson has concentrated many efforts at Hambrick Middle School which is located in the East Aldine District in northeast Houston.  She stated, “My focus is to concentrate on areas that have a true need.  I have found that in Hambrick and its surrounding community.  I am a firm believer of never forgetting where you came from, so what a better area to focus on than the area that I grew up near.  If I can reach only one [student], to me that is progress…but if I can reach several with a lasting vision of hope, healing and the great ability to overcome obstacles and prosper from them, then I have succeeded at accomplishing the task of teaching ‘self-healing’ through perseverance.”  Each holiday season (Thanksgiving and Christmas) Dotson sponsors an essay contest for the students in which they write an essay based on a given topic related to family, sacrifice and/or perseverance.  She reads each of the essays, some of which have brought tears to her eyes, and celebrates their written expressions with a ceremony at Hambrick.  During the ceremony the students who participated in the contest are awarded with gifts including a turkey, and other trimmings to make their family’s holiday one to remember.  Special prizes are awarded to those who placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd with their essays.  Parents are invited to the ceremony to celebrate with their children.  “Education alone isn’t enough for our communities that are underprivileged and disadvantaged; its critical to recognize and address the healing powers and benefits of overcoming obstacles (past & present) so we can prepare our youth for the world that is waiting on them…My father taught me that communication simply means that we can speak; to communicate affectively means that you will not only be heard the same as an empty wagon, but people will actually listen to what you are trying to communicate to them!” Dotson said about her reason for starting the essay contests. 

Hambrick Middle School is not the only benefactor of Ms. Dotson’s efforts through her non-profit organization as well as her own personal desire to make a difference. She supports many organizations, causes, and missions including At-Risk Teen Advisor, Forever Families Adoption Agency, Help for Haiti Missionary, World of Children, Plan International, Youth Civil Rights, and East Aldine District Sherriff’s Department Summer Lunch Program.  Service is a way of life for Valencia Dotson, and the students, staff, and administrators at Hambrick Middle School are grateful that she has dedicated so much of her work for them at their campus.