Harvey Aftermath for Hambrick Teacher

Harvey Aftermath for Hambrick Teacher
Posted on 09/19/2017

Hambrick ELA teacher Lester Morrow is in the process of rebuilding his home in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.


Houston and the surrounding cities and counties are all recovering from the devastation brought about by Hurricane Harvey.  That devastation, unfortunately did not escape many including some of Hambrick’s own staff members.  Although Lester Morrow and his family were able to leave safely, his home was flooded and many of his pets and livestock were lost due to Harvey.  Morrow shared, “Despite losing my home and some of my beloved pets/livestock, I am in good spirits and understand that life is like a roller coaster; full of ups and downs.”  As a part of his healing process Morrow created and shared a documentary with the staff at Hambrick.  Local Houston station KHOU learned about Mr. Morrow's story and published a segment about him on their news broadcast.  It was “a really nice "feel good" story about him and his reunion with some of his animals!” said Hambrick principal Dr. Rebecca Sanford.


As an 8th grade English/Language Arts Morrow said, “I hope to use the experience as a teaching moment for my students and my own children about overcoming adversity.  And to especially remind them to enjoy blessings in life (the ups on that roller coaster) and stay strong, keep your head up in moments of hardship and strife (the downs).”