Hawk Awards for 1st 9 Weeks

Hawk Award Recipients for 1st 9 Weeks
Posted on 11/05/2019
1st 9 Weeks Hawk Award1st 9 Weeks Hawk Award
Each grading period the Hambrick Middle School Student Awards and Incentives Committee recognizes the students who are making a difference on campus. One of the ways in which the committee does this is by selecting Hawk Award Recipients. Students are nominated by their teachers based on certain criteria which includes grades, behavior, and citizenship. Students in all grades are eligible to receive the Hawk Award.  Those who receive the award are able to take advantage of special privileges on campus and are allowed to participate in special events throughout the school year as well.

1st 9 Weeks Hawk Award Recipients
6th Grade - Jesse Turrubiartes, Mia Figueroa, Brandon Rios
7th Grade - Jenise Moore, Manuel Reyes, Raquel Gonzalez
8th Grade - Arthur Zapata, Luis Murillo, Ruben Cordoso