Senior Walk 2019 at Hambrick Middle School

Senior Walk 2019 at Hambrick Middle School
Posted on 05/08/2019
MacArthur Senior Walk

Some MacArthur High School graduating seniors visited Hambrick Middle School one last time during their Senior Walk on May 8.


On May 8, 2019 students from MacArthur High School visited the students at Hambrick Middle School.  This was no ordinary visit.  The graduating senior class of MacArthur High School came to walk the halls of their former middle school one last time.  Dr. Rebecca Sanford and the rest of the staff at Hambrick made sure to make this visit a memorable one.  Banners were created and decorated the walls and lockers throughout the school.  Pom-poms were in full swing as the students lined the hallways outside of their classrooms and cheered on the seniors as they made their way through all of the hallways of the ‘Brick.’  The visit sparked many memories from both the seniors and their former teachers.  Hugs were shared, pictures were taken, and the seniors even took some time to talk with some 8th grade students before they returned to Big Mac.  Several of the graduating seniors shared their experience and encouraging advice for the 8th graders as they will soon begin their high school journey.